8″ “UNIK X” Organic Latex Multilayered Mattress. Fully Customisable!

8″ “UNIK X” Organic Latex Multilayered Mattress. Fully Customisable!


A multi-layer latex mattress “UNIK X” created by INNATURE offers some added benefits over single Latex core layer mattresses. The first of these is personalised comfort. Different levels of softness and firmness can be stacked in any customisable order to give you the perfect sleeping experience for you.

In arranging layers, it is more usual for the softest layer(s) to be at the top for comfort and the firmer layer at the bottom to provide a good ‘support base’. However, you can have the layers the way you want; this possibility to change an arrangement of the layers offers you plenty of different combinations to try. The key here is to find the arrangement which makes your body most comfortable.

The other benefit of a multi-layer mattress is the ability to later change out a layer if you desire. For example, a lifestyle change may occur and you might decide you want to change out one of the layers for a different level of firmness. This is much easier and more convenient for you than replacing the entire mattress.

This mattress has 4 layers of individually covered Latex core in thickness 50mm each and come in can firmness: Firm, Medium and Soft.

Most popular arrangement of layers is Firm on the bottom, Medium and then 2 x Soft on top.

As this mattress 20-22cm thick it is suitable for big people (over 120kg body weight).

Top cover has zipper around and made of Organic cotton/hemp fabric quilted with 500gsm pure Organic NZ  carded wool. This cover breaths and insulates; providing air circulation while regulating moisture and temperature. It can be removed and dry cleaned if needed.

Also If you find your “UNIK X” mattress is too soft or too firm we will swap layers of latex to get your perfect match. This is free of charge for 1 month. Your expense is freight costs only.

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Product Description

Fully Customisable INNATURE organic latex mattress. The multi layered core is made up of 4 individual layers of 50mm latex which can easily be changed an customised. Our UNIK-X is available in all mattress sizes, or custom make it to order.

Extra comfortable, super soft this is the softest of our INNATURE natural organic latex mattress range and is ideal for those of you looking for that extra level of comfort and luxury. Immerser yourself in this unique experience, feeling the layers of soft latex mould to your body.

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Single 90 x 190cm, King Single 107 x 202cm, Double 137 x 190cm, Long Double 137 x 202cm, Queen 152 x 202cm, King 167 x 202cm, split King size 2 x 83.5 x 202cm, Super King 182 x 202cm, split Super King size 2 x 91.5 x 202cm


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