ORGANIC Breast Feeding Pillow

ORGANIC Breast Feeding Pillow


The INNATURE Organic Fabric Breast Feeding Pillow

is made from organic cotton hemp fabric and 100% pure wool. It curves around your waist and clips securely with a strap. This clever design provides fantastic support, bringing your baby to a comfortable level for feeding while giving relief to your arms and back.
This product came about when we were was asked by a friend to design something better than the conventional synthetic fibre feeding pillows. She wanted a pillow that wouldn’t slip away when she needed to reach for a napkin or glass of water, something that was secure and supportive for her back and allowed her to relax completely.

Our design is naturally safe and comfortable for both mother and baby. Your little one can be totally supported on the pillow whilst feeding, allowing you both to fully enjoy the precious time of feeding.

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Product Description

Our INNATURE Organic Fabric Breast Feeding Pillow features:

  • 100% natural materials, organic cotton hemp fabric cover and 100% pure NZ eco-wool
  • Curved shape for safe and comfortable breastfeeding
  • Suitable for single and twin breastfeeding
  • While your breastfeeding you and baby are not exposed to chemical residue or off-gassing of synthetic fibres
  • Supportive to mothers posture and provides space for the baby to relax and rest in between and after feeding
  • Clip on belt is adjustable to different sizes
  • Cover is removable for washing
  • This pillow is also suitable as a support for babies as they learn to sit

Size of the pillow: 110mm x 660mm x 480mm


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