Why choose organic bedding for your home?

For a select group of items, INNATURE teams up with the likes of ‘ecoLINEN’,  ‘Princess Wool’  and “Silk sensation” to offer an extended range of like-minded products, to complete the full suite of options in the creation of your ideal natural sleeping nest.

Natural and organic bedding such as latex mattresses are both better for our environment and better for you. It is better for the environment because the materials are grown and processed without chemicals, and being biodegradable, can ultimately return nourishment to the land when you are finished with them. Better for you, because the natural fibres provide greater comfort than synthetic fabrics that do not breathe well.

Organic sheets made without dyes and chemical bleaches are softer and gentler to your skin, a great relief to people suffering from eczema. Organic wool duvets and pure wool underlays-comforters keep you warm and cosy without overheating, because the fibres themselves breathe. INNATURE latex pillows made with natural untreated cotton and wool, or natural latex or organic buckwheat husk provide superior support and protection from dust mite allergens, offering relief to allergy and asthma sufferers.

We promote a natural and healthy sleep for all Kiwis!