Organic Natural pillows

sleepcouple1 300x199 Organic Latex, Cotton & Wool and Husk Pillows for you to choose from...Your pillow is the closest thing to your face for a good portion of your life. Not only that, it also supports your neck, and head. Choosing a natural organic pillow that lets you breathe fresh air and cradles your neck properly, will allow you to truly rest.

At INNATURE we offer a few different types of pillows.

INNATURE Organic cotton & wool pillows – made by us and available in different thicknesses: thin, medium and thick.

INNATURE Organic Buckwheat Husk pillows – made by us and available in different sizes: 36 x 50cm and 40 x 60cm.

INNATURE Organic Latex pillows – come in 2 shapes: normal and contour. Normal shape pillows come in size 40 x 60cm and in 2 different thicknesses (15cm and 12cm). There are 2 levels of support – soft and firm. The contour pillow is a medium soft pillow.